Councilor’s Report: 261st National Meeting, Spring 2021

The Spring Council meeting was again held virtually due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic.  The meeting was held on March 24, in advance of the National Meeting.

Actions of the Council

Election Results

Candidates for President-Elect, 2022

The Committee on Nominations and Elections presented to the Council the following nominees for selection as candidates for President-Elect, 2022: Gerard Baillely, Anne M. Gaffney, Judith C. Giordan, and John C. Warner. By electronic ballot, the Council selected Judith C. Giordan and John C. Warner as candidates for 2022 President-Elect. These two candidates, along with any candidates selected via petitions, will stand for election in the Fall National Election.

Other Council Actions

Committee on Committees Petition

The Council approved the Petition to Harmonize Committee Structures, Processes, and Terms, as amended.

  • This petition places all committees in one category called “Society Committees” – eliminating the several different types of committees.
  • The years of service and the number of committee members on each Society Committee would now be consistent and would match the present terms of the Elected Committees: three-year terms with a two-term maximum for committee members.
  • Certain (6) Society Committees will no longer have the “Councilor only” designation, allowing an individual to join and continue service on a committee regardless of their status as a Councilor.
  • The Committee on Committees amended the petition prior to bringing it to Council, in response to several committees’ concerns, to include the bolded phrase:

The terms for a member of a Society Committee shall be three calendar years. A member of a Society Committee shall be eligible to serve two successive three-year terms on the same committee, however, that service could be extended if the appointing officer(s) determines that there is a compelling need for ongoing expertise on the committee.

  • The Petition will become effective immediately upon approval by the Board of Directors, however, existing committee assignments will be start a transition to the term limits on January 1, 2022.

Committee on Local Section Activities Petition

The Council approved the Petition to Amend the Duties of the Committee on Local Section Activities.
• This petition provides the Committee on Local Section Activities with the authority to support Local Sections by taking action on their behalf, including appointing an interim executive committee and/or facilitating a Local Section’s election when there is a lapse in the local section’s leadership.

2022 Schedule of Membership

The Council approved the 2022 Schedule of Membership, upon recommendation of the Committee on Membership Affairs:

• The Schedule reduces the base dues rate to $160 per year
• It establishes various dues categories and benefits packages based upon career stages, role in the chemical enterprise, and desired level of interaction by the Member with the Society.

Updates to the ACS Strategic Plan

The ACS Board of Directors approved extensive changes to the ACS Strategic Plan last December.

  • Equity was added to our Core Values, which now include on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Respect.
  • Our Vision and Mission statements were modified to make clear that these statements include all people.
  • A fifth Strategic Goal: ‘To Embrace and to Advance Inclusion in Chemistry’, was added to make clear that Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Respect was our commitment at the same level as our long-standing four strategic goals.

If you have any comments or questions regarding membership or benefits, please contact your Councilor, Darlene Slattery at or call her at 321-632-2535.

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