Outstanding Entrepreneur/Employer Award

The Outstanding Entrepreneur/Employer Award recognizes chemists, chemical engineers, consultants, or businesspeople aiming to expand the Private Sector’s chemical enterprise* and to those private sector employers enabling chemists and chemical engineers to earn their livelihood in Central Florida.

The Orlando Local Section of the American Chemical Society established the Outstanding Entrepreneur/Employer Award in support of its goal to promote diversity and to foster a sense of belonging among its members.  These goals apply to the ethnicity, cultural and gender identity of the membership as well as to their educational and career backgrounds.  The Outstanding Entrepreneur/Employer Award expands the scope of the recognitions offered by the local section by focusing on those chemists and chemical engineers or businessperson working on expanding the chemical enterprise beyond the realm of academia.

  • This award is offered to an entrepreneur or employer from businesses, incubator companies, or private contractors supporting the public sector. 
  • Members and non-members of the American Chemical Society are eligible.
  • The selection committee will evaluate how the candidates are advancing, or expects to advance, the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of society.
    • The application should contain a general description on how chemistry is key to the success of the enterprise without disclosing proprietary information.
  • There will only be one award offered annually.
  • The Orlando Local Section may retain nomination packages not selected on a given year for consideration in a subsequent year.
  • Consideration will be given to the challenges associated with the maturity and size of each nominated enterprise.
  • Candidates offering mentorship or training to aspiring chemists or engineers will be favorably viewed.

Call for nominations will be solicited in August of each year.

* The chemical enterprise is the broad and encompassing industry that is focused on the understanding of the physical world at the molecular level and its subsequent development for the betterment of society. This covers academic, industrial, governmental, and non-traditional organizations related to the field of chemistry.  For this award, the private sector chemical enterprise refers to consultants, providers of goods and services, manufacturing companies to include those that provide chemical and chemical engineering services to the public sector.

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