The State Science & Engineering Fair of Florida 2022: Avogadro award winner

Cayley McCloskey, 2022 Avogadro award winner

Congratulations to Cayley McCloskey from the Lely High School (Naples, Florida) for winning the 2022 Avogadro award at the 67th State Science & Engineering Fair of Florida (67th SSEF)! Cayley’s project is entitled ‘Comparing the enthalpy changes of anhydrous salts using calorimetry.’ The young scientist performed experiments to determine which exothermic salt when dissolved in water would produce the greatest increase in temperature of the water and in turn the greatest calculated enthalpy change measured through calorimetry.  Cayley found that magnesium sulfate is the salt that releases the most heat per mole, followed by calcium chloride and sodium acetate and suggests that magnesium sulfate would be the ideal salt for consumer products such as heat packs, handwarmer, and for use on icy roads.

The Avogadro Award that is given each year at the State Science and Engineering Fair with the support of the ACS local sections in the state of Florida.

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